“Our whole lives have been transformed by God. We moved to Green Bay with no family. We gained a new family. Our kids love coming to Journey.”
                                      -The Berg Family

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For the last 11 years, we’ve witnessed the stories of changed lives…like the Berg family…one life after another telling how the people of Journey Community Church sacrificed time, energy and resources to love them; embrace them where they were and guide them in their journey to follow Christ. Jesus has transformed their whole lives. And we are just getting started!

Numerous leaders have been praying and meeting to discern God’s direction for our future. We call it our 2020 Vision. Out of that vision has emerged an initiative we’ve called DiscipleShift. We believe there are 5 shifts we need to make as a church as we head toward the year 2020.

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Please click below to view our vision video and packet for a detailed explanation of DiscipleShift.

Vision Video

DiscipleShift Vision Packet

Our goal for DiscipleShift in 2016-2017 is for 100% church participation in the first three shifts. We feel it is important to engage in each shift individually, in growth groups, and church-wide.

Here is how you can get involved.

Shift #1: Intentional Discipleship
• Participate with us in our Discipleship Coaching class.
• Ask God to show you who to invest in.
• Join or help start a new growth group.
• Plan a potluck, bonfire, or event that helps connect people together.

Shift 2: Community Outreach
• Make it a priority to get to know someone who doesn’t attend church and develop a genuine friendship.
• Invite someone to a church service, growth group, or event.
• Serve in the community with a growth group.
• Participate or help plan the 2-4 church-wide events that are being planned.

Shift #3: Future Building
• Pray about how God is asking you to respond.
• Worship is a sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). Consider sacrificing something and giving that money instead. Example: If you get a $5 specialty coffee drink 3 times/week, you spend $750/year in coffee! Sacrificing to one coffee drink/week is $260. That is $490 you saved and could give instead…just in coffee!
• Be praying for our church family and leaders that we become truly generous people!
• Consider giving a gift out of your assets. There are many wonderful tax advantages to asset-based giving.

Our funding goal for DiscipleShift is $515,000. The first $215,000 will go to the general operating budget. All expanded giving above the $215,000 will go toward paying down our debt ($300,000) and building equity.

Giving toward DiscipleShift begins Sunday June 5, 2016 and continues through June 4, 2017. To view a DiscipleShift commitment card click here. To contribute on-line click here.

Will you partner with us in DiscipleShift?


DiscipleShift Series Sermon Videos

Sermon 1: What Is DiscipleShift?

Sermon 2: The Power of Intentionality

Sermon 3: From Us To Them

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