At Journey Community Church we value:
• A safe learning environment
• Sound Biblical teaching that is age appropriate, relevant and fun!
• A place for children can develop friendships with their peers and small group leaders
• Teaching and modeling service and responsibility
• On-going learning in the child’s home

Journey has partnered with (starting at preschool age). Your children will experience an exciting time as they sing uplifting worship songs, watch an age-appropriate Bible lesson and learn real life application through fun crafts or games.

Nursery (birth to 2 years) | Sundays 8:45am & 10:30am

Currently there is not a specific curriculum for the nursery. Our volunteers in the nursery have chosen this age group because of their love for babies and toddlers. Our goal is to provide a worry free, fun and safe environment for our little ones to begin to feel the love of the church.

Bible Adventure (Pre-School ages 3-5) | Sundays 8:45am & 10:30am

Bible App for KidsPreschoolers are capable of learning meaningful truths.  It’s important to lead even our littlest ones to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  By using a curriculum that teaches Bible stories and verses, encourages discussion in small groups, and has an element that can be sent home, there are results.  The Bible App for Kids Curriculum provides just that combination.

Created to work in tandem with the most popular kids Bible app, the Bible App for Kids Curriculum features interactive videos along with in-class activities.  This 24-unit, two-year curriculum teaches our preschoolers about Jesus and allows them to reinforce what they learn in church at home through the app. This kind of intentionally paced, engaged learning helps preschoolers absorb the Bible. Parents are encouraged to download the free Bible App for Kids to reinforce learning.

Konnect Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) | Sundays 8:45am & 10:30am

Konnect Pic 1The theme verse for Konnect Elementary is: though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, a cord of three stands is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT). Konnect Elementary’s vision is, “I can connect to God anywhere, but Konnect’s a connection we can share!”

Kids connect with God and connect with a leader and a group of friends. When your children attend Konnect, they will experience a colorful, Bible-based video series. The experience is designed to help kids “connect the dots” between the Bible story, the Verse, the Point, the activity, the show, and their real life. Plus, each week the children will learn about generosity and receive a weekly gospel message.


MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP (6th – 12th grade) | Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Youth Curriculum- SwitchThe vision for the Middle and High School aged youth is to experience and deepen their intimacy with Christ; explore and examine how God has wired them and for what purpose; and to make a positive impact in their areas of influence for Christ. We will have some team building activities (i.e. lock ins) throughout the year. Opportunities are available for volunteers looking to help disciple teens, lead small group discussions, and plan activities.


At the end of each pre-school and elementary session, children take home an activity to be done during the week to reinforce the lesson discussed in class. Parents can follow along with what their children are learning and can watch the lessons their children just saw at church with them again at home. Below are the links for each age level. Please be sure to check with your child and teacher to make sure of the lesson being taught before viewing, as at times things may not be in the order shown. Also, to view the lessons you may need to create a username and login, but access is FREE. (Preschool) (Elementary) (Middle/High School)

To get information on any of the programs listed above please email If you are interested in helping in any of the areas listed above please email