How is Journey unique?

We utilize a variety of music, faith stories, multimedia, and any other creative way we can to communicate God’s truth. Our goal is not to entertain people, rather, engage people’s hearts in worship to God so that they can experience God and be changed by Him. Simply stated, the message of the Gospel never changes but the methods we use to communicate it does change because our culture is always changing. We want to be an active part of serving our community and have been involved in showing the love of Jesus in practical ways, with no strings attached.


What is baptism all about?

As you read the Bible, you’ll find that baptism was a practice of the church since its very beginning. People believed in Jesus, and then they were baptized as a sign of their faith in Him. Jesus Himself said that His followers should be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). At JCC, we try to follow the Bible’s directions as best as we can. So numerous times throughout the year, we provide an opportunity for people to be baptized as a public demonstration of their belief. This service is for people of all ages who have personally placed their faith in Christ. If you have additional questions about baptism, you are encouraged to attend a Baptism Class.

What is a “baby dedication”?

According to our understanding of the Bible, baptism is for those who have made a personal choice to believe and follow Jesus. Therefore, we wait to baptize a baby until he or she is old enough to understand what it means to become a Christian and make that decision on his or her own. For parents who wish to do something special for their children, we have Baby Dedication. During a dedication, parents acknowledge that their child is a gift from God and make a commitment to raise the child in a way that pleases Him. It is a time for parents to dedicate both themselves and their child to God, just as Mary and Joseph did with Jesus (Luke 2:21-24) and Hannah did with Samuel (1 Samuel 1:24-28).

Do I have to be a member of the church to attend JCC?

No, you do not. You are welcome to attend as long as you’d like without formally becoming a member.

What does membership involve?

Those who choose to become members of JCC are demonstrating a higher level of commitment to the church. Each member agrees with what JCC believes and will be required to attend a class or classes that teach what we believe. We also believe that members should be active in serving, giving, attending a growth group, and showing Jesus’ love to those around them. Members are also given the opportunity to vote on key decisions, such as the purchase of property. We believe it is God’s desire that people find a church where they resonate with the vision and values, then make a commitment to that church through membership.

How often does JCC have communion? What does it mean?

On the night before He died, Jesus used bread and wine as symbols of His broken body and blood. He told His followers that they should continue to use these symbols to remember how He gave His life for them (1 Cor 11:23-26). We regularly celebrate communion together once every 4-6 weeks.