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Free Movie of The Song – April 18

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The Song

Every week Becky and I have a “date night.” We don’t actu­ally go out on a date but we reserve a night, after the kids go to bed, to just talk. One of the ques­tions we ask one another is: “How is our mar­riage?” Things are often going well and we have a sim­ple and good con­ver­sa­tion. Some­times, how­ever, one of us has a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive on how it’s really going! But the point is that we talk and open the dis­cus­sion. As a result, we grow closer together. Talk­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing is crit­i­cally impor­tant in any relationship.

On April 18, we’re doing a free show­ing of the movie, The Song. This movie is a mod­ern day re-telling of King Solomon in the Bible. Con­sider it a spring­board to a healthy dis­cus­sion. If you’re sin­gle, this movie can also ben­e­fit you. You are just as impor­tant as mar­ried cou­ples! You will find it help­ful to sub­sti­tute what­ever “love rela­tion­ship” you have in your life and con­sider how to put God first. All of us will want to be pre­pared to do things God’s way, avoid Solomon’s mis­takes, and grow in our faith.

Mar­ried cou­ples may say, “I don’t have any mar­riage prob­lems.”  Great, con­sider it a “tune up.”  You get your car tuned up, why not your mar­riage?  The truth is we can all learn and grow in our marriages.

Who can you invite to this movie event on April 18?  
Doors open at 5:45 and refresh­ments will be served.  Movie starts at 6:30.  And free child­care!

This is a pow­er­ful movie, well done, filled with qual­ity music, good act­ing, and a great mes­sage.  We will be using themes from the movie as a spring­board into a 6 week ser­mon series start­ing April 19.

Don’t for­get to con­tact the church office for your FREE tick­ets.  We’ll see you at The Song movie event!