1 to 1 Discipleship


Often the best spiritual growth happens through a one to one relationship. If you would like a spiritual mentor or coach to meet with you, we’d be happy to help connect you with someone. Appointments are filled with grace, love, sharing, encouragement, and learning together from the Bible about some of the most important issues that help us to grow in our faith. If you would like to meet with someone (men with men; women with women), please contact the church office at office@journeydepere.com.

Growth Groups

At Journey we believe the best way to grow deeper in your faith and relationship with God is to be involved in a Growth Group. A Growth Group is a small group of people who meet regularly, typically in someone’s home, to get to know other people and grow spiritually. Growth Groups are so much more than just a bible study — it’s a place where people are genuinely wanted, truly accepted and authentically loved; where friendships are real and support is unconditional. Groups are made up of people we serve with, laugh with, cry with; it’s where real faith in Jesus becomes a lifestyle — in short, it’s where we do life together.

Growth Groups are for everyone, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Currently we have 10 groups meeting on almost every day of the week — pick the one that’s right for you!


@6:00pm – Sacred Marriage Study, facilitated by Mark and Christina Thompson (East Green Bay)
Study:  Sacred Marriage
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

Our heart for this group is to encourage people who are growing in their marriages.  We want to study what God says about how marriage works and how it affects each of us in the relationship – drawing us closer to God as we grow closer to each other.  We also want to encourage married couples (in whatever stage they find themselves) to grow in Christ and model His purpose for marriage on their own.”  

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@7:30pm-Men’s Bible Study, facilitated by Alex Cholij (East De Pere)
Study:  TBD
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group: About to finish up a “No Regrets” study focused on relationship building, and will start an even more scripture-focused session going through the gospel of Mark. It’s no coincidence that the women’s group is also studying Mark — we want to encourage spouses to grow together and discuss faith at home.

“The heart in our group is developing strong men as defined by biblical standards: Men who will be the first in their family to examine their own lives and lead the change that God asks of a transformed heart. Through biblical examples we learn to be vulnerable with each other so that we may be strong for God’s kingdom.

“We also have a focus on constantly being challenged, with a goal to grow and to serve our community together. We are currently partnering with Neighborworks.”

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@ 6:30a.m. – 7:45a.m. – Ladies Bible Study, facilitated by Gail Kubiak and Amy List (Ashwaubenon)
Study:  Respectable Sins, by Jerry Bridges
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

“To me our Tuesday morning group is all about relationships and encouraging one another in our daily walk with the Lord. The fellowship we share through laughter, tears, concerns and prayer is second to none.  I love that we continually point one another back to the Lord once we unburden our hearts on any given situation … doing life together … without judgment.” –Gail

“I want it to be a safe place for women to be transparent and real – judgement free. Not a time for grumbling and complaining but to dig deep and self-examine. Being a part of this group has allowed God to change my attitude and responses to many of life’s situations. Hearing and sharing the good, bad, beautiful and ugly with a group of women is good for the soul. Just doing real life together. Knowing we have each other’s’ backs in prayer and love. God has pointed us in the direction of some great books and studies and I continue to be excited for what is in the future. Still early but worth it!” — Amy

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@ 7:00 p.m. – Ladies Bible Study, facilitated by Courtney Cholij & Jennifer Weichmann (East De Pere)

Study:  1 Peter
Cost: $7 (for the study guide)
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

Living in this world, it is tempting to revert back to our old ways, to the ways of this world. But as belivers, we are called to something different, something greater. We’ll study 1 Peter to encourage one another to live holy lives, no matter what others say, setting our hope and our eyes on Christ.

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@ 6:30 p.m. – 8:30pm, A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount, facilitated by Pastor Mark Schmechel and Michael Wolfe(@ Journey Community Church)

Study:  The Sermon on the Mount
Cost: $15
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

The Sermon on the Mount is the best known teaching of Jesus, and arguably the least understood. This amazing section of Scripture is a powerful description of what He wanted His followers to be and to do. How do we know how to live the way that Jesus intends? How do we have a flourishing life? This study by John Stott is for those that want to go deeper with God, it involves daily study, and we discuss our findings at our weekly Growth Group gatherings. Cost is $15 for the book and goes for 12 weeks.

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@5:45a.m.-7:00a.m. – Men’s Bible Study, facilitated by Mike Kubiak
Place: Oak Street Cafe meeting room
Study:  Book of Acts
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

“The heart of this group is fellowship of men who have God in their lives. We work to apply God’s word to our everyday lives.”

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@6:00p.m., facilitated by Mike & Gail Kubiak; hosted by Mark & Amy List (East De Pere)
Study: Revealation, The Book of Hope

Description of Group:

We believe the Bible, being God’s word, applies to our everyday lives. In this group we work through, ‘What does that look like?’ in application. So, practical application for our lives, how do we live a Christian life?”

Children Welcome: No

This group is currently at capacity. Send an email to the group leaders if you’d like to be notified when space becomes available.

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@ 6:30 p.m. – 8:00pm Book of James, facilitated by Chaz Pelky (@ Journey Community Church)

Study:  Book of James
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:
“What does faith look like in the world? How do we live out our faith? James is one of the most inspiring and encouraging books of the bible. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this study will help you take your next step. Join us as we journey together in life, study and prayer.

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@8:00-9:30am (1st and 3rd Saturdays)- Ladies Bible Study, facilitated by Christina Thompson & Mary Deckert (East De Pere)
Location: Journey Community Church
Study:  What women in the bible can teach us today; the good, the bad and the ugly (or wicked evil).
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

“More of an intense Bible Study than a traditional Growth Group, our vision is to dig deep into Scripture and grow in our spiritual walks as well as in our personal relationships with sisters in Christ. You can easily drop in and out of this group as it fits your life and schedule. Every 1st Saturday, stay after the study for some fun Tips & Tricks – easy ways to make your house a home through R.E.A.L. Living.”

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@7:00-8:30am (2nd Saturdays of Month)- Men’s Breakfast, facilitated by Pastor Chaz Pelky 
Location: Julie’s Cafe in De Pere
Study:  TBD
Children Welcome: No

Description of Group:

“The second Saturday of each month the men of journey get together and enjoy food, fellowship, and discuss topics relevant to God’s plan for men. This is a low key environment where friendships are developed and flourished. You can drop in whenever you are able to, or come every gathering.”

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Financial Peace University

We regularly offer Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University. This class has helped millions of people around the country and world learn how to get out of debt, save for the future, and become generous. The problem is that most people do not have a plan. The average person that takes this class reduces their debt by $5300 and saves $2700 in 9 weeks! There are no gimmicks, just learning basic, biblical principles of handling money. Check back at the beginning of 2019 for more information.


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Marriage and Family


Before Marriage:

Before marriage, a couple looks forward to all sorts of wonderful dreams and hopes for your life together. God created marriage to be special for you and your soon to be spouse. We want to help you get off to the right start, which is why we offer pre-marital counseling. Please email or call the church office if you would like to meet with a pastor to discuss your future.

Newly Married:

Sometime after your wedding, you will begin to realize your spouse is not perfect! That’s ok, we all experience bumps along the way. We want to help you build the foundation of your marriage on Christ.

Marriage Help:

Every marriage hits some bumps along the way. The best marriages are often the ones that have endured together and are willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild and restore. We have resources, small groups, and caring people to help when the bumps hit. If we can’t help, we will gladly refer you to a professional.


Being a parent to a child is a tremendous joy. It is also a major responsibility. The best way to help kids is to equip the parents, which is a major emphasis in our Orange Family Ministry approach. Parents are the number one influence in their child’s life. So not only are we here to provide a great experience for your kids every Sunday, we’re also here to help you be all God wants you to be! If you would like more information about our family ministry approach, please contact our office.

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Involvement in missions is a great way to grow in your faith. We approach missions based on Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Local (Jerusalem):

We desire to love and serve our local community and demonstrate to them the love of Jesus in practical ways. Our church is regularly active in serving our community, with a “no strings attached” approach. We serve and love others just because we think that’s what Jesus would do. We are excited to partner with local organizations like Freedom House and a church planting network in Northeast Wisconsin called a LEAD Team.

National (Judea):

Did you know that North America is the only continent where Christianity is not growing? Out of 350,000 churches in America:

  • 80% have reached a plateau or are declining.
  • 15% are growing because of transfer growth.
  • Only 5% are growing because of conversion growth. -The Barna Group

We believe in partnering and networking with others across the country to further the cause of Christ through church planting. For networking and accountability, we are associated with a movement called Converge.

Cross Cultural (Samaria):

We love to help cross cultural church plants get started and strengthened. We currently support a local church planter serving the Hispanic speaking community in Green Bay.

Global (to the ends of the earth):

Global missions is important and we support ministries that help in times of crisis. We also support international missions and church planting organizations.

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There are many wonderful resources available for spiritual growth and encouragement. The following are a few we recommend:

Christianity Today

Focus on the Family:

Desiring God:

Financial Peace University:

Growing Christians Ministries

Blue Letter Bible