Our Privacy Statement

Journey Community Church is committed to protecting its members’ privacy. We protect your personal information and strictly adhere to legislative requirements regarding privacy protection. Any personal information you share with the Church will be used exclusively to support the following:

  • Administration & management of ministries
  • Delivery of services
  • Maintenance of church programs

Why Does Journey Community Church Gather Personal Information?

Personal information (any information that identifies you as an individual) is collected by Journey Community Church for a variety of purposes. Some of those purposes include:

  • Church membership registration & listings
  • Church directories
  • Volunteer & leadership development
  • Program & service registration (including associated administration & delivery of such)
  • Counseling & prayer support
  • Church administration (tithing, offerings, payments owed, etc.)

How Does Journey Community Church ensure privacy protections?

We collect, use and disclose personal information only for the purposes that a reasonable person would consider.