Journey Kids Mission: Journey Kids makes disciples who make disciples by creating spaces for God to work in children’s lives.

Vision: Journey Kids creates these spaces for God to work:

  1. Through the Bible: we will keep Bible study our first priority.
  2. Through Repetition and Explanation: repetition and explanation are key in moving lessons from the head to the heart. We will be intentional about repeating key truths about God throughout a child’s time in Journey Kids.
  3. Through Mentor Relationship: we will provide opportunities for children to be discipled.
  4. Through Service Opportunities: we will provide opportunities for children to live out their faith through local and worldwide service.
  5. Through Prayer and Worship: we will provide times of prayer and responsive worship.
  6. Through Families: we will partner with families to continue the learning at home.
  7. Through Fun: we will provide a fun, safe, and age-appropriate environment.

Nursery (birth to 2 years) | Sundays 8:45am & 10:30am

Currently there is not a specific curriculum for the nursery. Our volunteers in the nursery have chosen this age group because of their love for babies and toddlers. Our goal is to provide a worry free, fun and safe environment for our little ones to begin to feel the love of the church.

Pre-School and Elementary Children’s Ministry | Sundays 8:45am & 10:30am

Your children will experience an exciting time in our Sunday program through the DiscoveryLand curriculum as they sing worship songs, experience live teaching through the Bible, and learn real life

application through Think Right, Know Right, Feel Right, Do Right activities in the classroom.


As stated above, the at home component of children’s ministry is something that we value at Journey.  To learn along with your child(ren) at home you may utilize the following FREE resources:

  • Each week your preshool and elementary student will receive Tracker Treasures.  They include fun activities to complete with your children. They can be returned the following Sunday for a reward each week.
  • DiscoveryLand memory verses and resources available for you in our classrooms.
  • This free app is a Bible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To get information on any of the programs listed above please email If you are interested in helping in any of the areas listed above please email

MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP (6th – 12th grade) | Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Youth Curriculum- SwitchThe vision for the Middle and High School aged youth is to experience and deepen their intimacy with Christ; explore and examine how God has wired them and for what purpose; and to make a positive impact in their areas of influence for Christ. We will have some team building activities (i.e. lock ins) throughout the year. Opportunities are available for volunteers looking to help disciple teens, lead small group discussions, and plan activities.